Minutes for the December Leadership Team meeting

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Minutes for the December Leadership Team meeting

The Leadership Team Meeting for December was  held on Monday, December 7, 2020, at 5:30pm via Zoom.

In attendance were members of the Leadership Team, Joyce Nolan, Ron Nelson and George Carr; the District USAPA Ambassador and our Head Teaching Professional - Mo Garcia; the Aiken County Ambassador and Gregg Park Player Rep - Larry Howell; the 4.0 Player Reps -  Marian Garcia and  Cheryl Breidenbach; the 3.5 Player Reps - Rob Bromley, Chris Tubbs and Leslie McCowen; the 3.0 Player Rep - Ben Stephens; and the 2.5 and below Player Reps - Linda Blake and Faith Loeb.   Joyce Nolan called the meeting to order.  Topics discussed were:

2021 Tournament - Jeff Beckner has agreed to be the 2021 tournament director.  The tournament is currently scheduled to be held the second week in September. There were some concerns about whether the folks in Augusta would participate or not as it conflicts with the tournament in Atlanta.   Mo commented that more local Aiken players are expected to sign up to play.

Round Robins - It was agreed that it is still too early to be planning any Round Robins.  

Number of court reservations per week.  The sign ups at both Odell and Gregg Park seem to be working.  Plenty of courts available at both places.

Gregg Park guidelines - Joyce pleaded with everyone to please follow the Gregg Park guidelines and to remind everyone that we are guests at their facility.  Lets don’t lose this privilege.

Court 5 open - Several players express their concern about social distancing with court 5 open for limited play.  The decision for court 5 was to have people ask anyone from another group who they feel is sitting too close to move away.  The court is only available from 9am-11am each morning.  The hope was it would be reserved with either courts 4 or 6 by a group of eight or more playing together and sharing two courts side-by-side.

Treasury report - Ron gave a treasury report.  After paying all the expenses including the cost of the website we still have a balance of over $500. .

New players practice and New Players Clinics - are scheduled for this coming Thursday and Friday.  Sounded like a good turnout expected at one but not sure about the other.  

Drills with Little Mo - Last session was Monday, December 7.  Another very successful series.  A survey is coming out soon asking for feedback and  suggestions on how to make these highly popular drills even better.   We hope to have another series starting sometime in February.  

Hope everyone has a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Next meeting will be held on Monday January 4th at 5:30 via Zoom