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If you need help with anything, send an email to info@aikenpickleball.com and someone will get back with you. 

We can help you with making and editing court reservations or adding your name to the "Looking for games" list, among other things.   What we cannot tell you is the access code.  That is for our use only.  After 8 pm Wednesday evening, the Sign-up Genius is locked down, requiring an access cod,e while the new time slots for the following week are being added.  The signupgenius is then unlocked after 8 am Thursday morning and an access code is no longer required.  But if you need help with anything else send an email to info@aikenpickleball.com and one of us will get back to you.  



Due to two youth basketball evaluations, there will be no Pickleball at Gregg Park on Wednesday, December 7.


The next Skill Rating Sessions will be held on a Monday, December 19th the Smith-Hazel Recreation Center between 9am-1pm. When enough people have signed up, one of our teaching professionals will contact you to set a date you can all agree on.  Need a minimum of three people to schedule a session.  Click here to sign up to be rated.



Dear Santa,

All I want for Christmas is a Joola Ben Johns Hyperion Premium Pickleball Paddle.  I know, it’s a big ask since it retails for $220!  I really think it will help my game, or maybe I’ll even give it to a friend.   Wait, I have one more ask:  I want to help our local Golden Harvest Food Bank!

I know how you (or your elves) can do both:  The Pickleball Food Bank crew is raffling off a Joola paddle to benefit the Golden Harvest Food Bank!  The drawing for the paddle will be at the Toys for Tots event held on December 11th at Odell Weeks Virginia Park courts at 4pm, just in time for you to get that gift for Christmas!  Attendance is not even required to win.

The raffle tickets are only $5 each or three for $10, so send those elves with cash to Mike Howard, Ben Stephens (619) 857-3088 , or Beth Eberhard.  And if you want to help sell tickets, reach out to Mike Howard at (240)578-3972.

Thanks, Santa!


Your favorite pickleball player

P.S.  While you’re spreading Christmas joy, please spread the news:  It’s pronounced “YOU-LA”!


Pickleball- it’s the rage! People all over America are enjoying this low-impact paddle sport, while enjoying the fun, laughter, and exercise it provides. Described as a combination of ping-pong, tennis, and badminton, pickleball is simple to learn, easy on the body, lots of fun, and you don’t even have to be fit to play.

Studies have shown that pickleball is particularly beneficial for those with Parkinson’s Disease, an incurable neurological disorder involving muscle control. Since exercise is a key component in slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s, many people with the disease are turning to pickleball to help them maintain balance and mobility, better perform daily tasks, and continue to live normal, productive lives. It’s a means for these people to be active and keep going while they still can.

Several years ago, what I thought was only a minor tremor in my left hand, turned out to be the early stages of Parkinson’s. In an attempt to slow the progression of this debilitating disease, I began playing pickleball several days a week. I soon found myself laughing and having so much fun on the courts that I would often forget about my symptoms while playing.

With this disease, you have to be active and keep yourself going. Pickleball proved to be a great way for me to improve my coordination and movement, become mentally and socially active, and delay my need for Parkinson’s medication. Eight years later, I am still enjoying pickleball several days a week and continue to reap its benefits while keeping my symptoms at bay. Pickleball has changed my life!

Clinics for “Pickleball for Parkinson’s” are currently being offered at the Hillview Baptist Family Life Center at no cost. The clinics are open to anyone with Parkinson’s Disease, essential tremors, or other movement disorders. To sign up or get more information, contact Nelson Swartzentruber at truber3066@gmail.com. Pickleball can change your life!

Aiken Standard



Many of you might not be aware that we have pickleball groups that bring cans of food for the Golden Harvest Food Bank every time they play. Every day between now and Christmas, Odell Weeks will allow us to have a drop-off area in Gym 2 where you can leave canned goods to be donated to the food bank over the holiday season. Mike Howard will gladly accept all donations and take them to the food bank on our behalf. There will also be a drop box in the lobby at Gregg Park. Our Gregg Park player representative Brian Eberhard will manage the collection there.



The results are in for Boomers and Beyond Bash Round Robin held at Gregg Park this Saturday, November 12th. Special thanks to Joyce Noland and all her helpers for putting on this event.   And the medal winners were -

4.0 Mixed Doubles 60+
Gold - Kathy and Mark Giddings
Silver - Kathy Thornton and Booker Paige
Bronze - Marian Garcia and Ben Lacy
4.0/4.5 Mixed Doubles 30-59
Gold - Lisa Barrett-Johnson and Zach Carpenter
Silver - Susan Toomey and Mo Garcia
Bronze - Cheryl Breidenbach and Harve Mobley
3.5 Mixed Doubles
Gold - Anne Rheins and Kenny Sanders
Silver - Barb Dellamora and Jim Wheeler
Bronze - JoAnn Norelius and David Buck
3.0 Mixed Doubles
Gold - Bebe Quick Murphy and Andrew Stivanson
Silver - Martha Bartell and John McCowan
Bronze - Sandy Talbott and Scott Talbott
And congratulations to Claudia Domke, Loretta Rhodes, and Billi Jager for winning gold, silver, and bronze in the 2.5 women's scramble at the Boomers and Beyond Bash


Come on out, join the fun, and support a good cause!  Thank you, Tanya Hoffman, for organizing the event again this year.



The minutes for the Leadership Team  Meeting held on Monday, November 7th,  have been posted.  Topics discussed were Ratings to be held in December, Gregg Park RR,  need to cancel court reservations if not being used, use of red tags in net bags, request to increase play at Gregg Park on Friday evenings, the formation of the Southern Pickleball Academy and much more.  Click here to read the full report.



Just a reminder - Now that there are two sessions each day, if you are the early session and no one has arrived to take the court when you are finished - take the net down.   If you are the last session of the day, make sure all the nets and dividers are put away before leaving.   Court 6 was left up Thursday evening.  Thank you.