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If you need help with anything, send an email or text to info@aikenpickleball.com and someone will get back to you. 

We can help you with making and editing court reservations, adding your name to the Partners List, among other things.   What we cannot tell you is the Access Code.  That is for our use only.  After 8 pm Wednesday evening, the signupgenius is locked down requiring an access code while the new time slots for the following week are being added.  The signupgenius is then unlocked after 8 am Thursday morning and an access code is no longer required.  But if you need help with anything else send an email or text to info@aikenpickleball.com and one of us will get back to you.  



A new player clinic will be offered at Gregg Park Civic Center on Friday, February 12th at 9:00 AM.  Check-in will be from 9:00 – 9:15, followed by instructions on setting up the court at 9:15.  Players will learn the game of pickleball from certified teaching professional Jose Vega from 9:30 – 10:30, followed by an additional hour of play.

This clinic is free to Gregg Park members.  Nonmembers are also welcome to attend but will need to pay the $10.00 guest fee for playing at Gregg Park.  Paddles and balls will be provided.

This clinic will be limited to the first 12 players to sign up.  The sign-up can be accessed at https://www.signupgenius.com/go/8050b4ba9a62ca5fb6-newplayer [1]. 


Registration for the 2021 Drive, Drop & Dink Round Robin Pickleball Tournament opens on February 1st.  See below for more details. 

Click here to register for the tournament.



The next New Players Clinic at Odell is scheduled for Friday, February 5th.  Details as follows:  Check-in/Orientation/Court Setup 0845-0900;  New Players Clinic 0900-1000;  Practice Play  1000-1100.

Clinics will be held on Court #1, Gym #2, at Odell Weeks. Balls and paddles provided.  Maximum 8 players.  Cost is $15 per person.   Sign up and pay at the Odell Weeks front desk.

Face masks are required for entry into Odell Weeks.


Please note that the starting time at Odell is now 9am (vice 845).   Players can start setting up the courts no earlier than 0845, which is when the door to Gym #2 will be unlocked.  Thanks for your cooperation.  


The minutes for the January Leadership Team Meeting held  on Monday, January 4th, at 5:30pm via Zoom have been posted on the Forums page.  Some of the topics discussed include:  Welcoming our newest Leadership Team Member - Harve Mobley, an avid 4.0 player, replacing Ron Nelson who will retain the Skill Rating Sessions; Court 5 - to continue limited opening; and the significant rule changes for 2021.  Go to Forums or click here to read the full report.  

Next meeting will be held on Monday, February 1st at 5:30 via Zoom 




What makes Pickleball so special?    We had four new players show up at Odell to attend a New Players Clinic scheduled to start at 0845am.   They had never played pickleball before.  Had never been to Odell before.  They had no idea how to get started.   The only thing they had going for them, they all had previous experience playing a racquet sport (racquetball and/or tennis) and they were all eager to start.  

Only one problem - the instructor for the clinic got sidelined and was unable to show up.   I got a call around 9:30am asking if I could go to Odell and help out.  When I arrived there were four players on Court 1 playing a game and having a good time.  One of the players from drop-in-play was helping them with court position and other parts of the game.  He, or someone else from drop-in-play, had already shown them how to put up a net.  They knew how to keep score; how to do a normal serve; basically where to stand’ and understood the concept of the kitchen.  At that point they were all playing well enough that they could all come back the next day and join drop-in-play.  Yes they were hitting balls out and/or into the net, but who doesn’t?

So to repeat the question - What makes Pickleball so special?  The answer is the players  willing to help others enjoy the game.  Thank you.



Every year about this time, the USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) issues changes and or improvements to their Pickleball Rules.  Accordingly, the attached “2021 Change Document” was recently issued (Click here). The 2021 edition of the Rulebook will be issued on January 25, 2021.  Accordingly, the 2020 rules remain in effect until that time. A very informative 2-hour webinar recording by the Rules Committee is available at https://youtu.be/IeVZloCr4eA 


  • 81 pages; 125 specific rule changes 

  • Each change is described, and a reasoning provided


Service Lets Removed (page 11)

The definition (3.A.18) and Section 4 (Service Lets) have been removed. Starting in 2021, there will be no rule(s) governing service lets. Service Lets have been removed. It is noted that out of habit, both referees and players may sometimes habitually call a service let. If any player stops play because of a service let being called, that player/team will have committed a fault per rule 7.I.

Provisional Drop Serve (page 26)

New Rule 4.A.8 - In addition to the standard serve sequence described in Rules 4.A.1 to4.A.7, players may opt to use an alternate “drop serve” method.

New Rule 4.A.8.a - Servers must release the ball from one of the server’s hands or dropped off   paddle from any natural (un-aided) height and hit the ball after the ball bounces on the playing surface. The server’s release of the ball must be visible to the referee and the receiver. In matches without a referee, the server’s release of the ball must be visible to the receiver. A replay shall be called before the return of serve if the release of the ball is not visible.

New Rule 4.A.8.b - Before bouncing on the ground, the ball shall not be propelled (thrown) downward or tossed or hit upward with the paddle. Failure to drop the ball properly will result in a fault. There is no restriction on where the ball can land on the playing surface after it is dropped (providing 4.A.2 is satisfied) nor how many times within the 10 seconds after the score is called the server may drop the ball.

New Rule 4.A.8.C - If the drop serve is used, the ball may be struck with either a forehand or backhand motion without any other restriction; i.e., the location restrictions of the ball and paddle in Rules 4.A.3, 4.A.4, and 4.A.5 do not apply.

Click here for a video that demonstrates this new serve method in detail.    




Gregg Park - Please read the new sign up procedures on the signup genius before reserving a court.  Players can only appear in three time slots at the end of the first sign up day, and no more than four time slots at the end of the second sign up day. 

The reservations for the first two sign up days must include the first initial and full last name of at least four players.

On the third day of sign ups and thereafter, Gregg Park members can reserve/appear on any courts that are still available.  Courts that are still available on the third day may be reserved by just two players.

When there are two or less days of play, Gregg Park members are limited to one court reservation, and everyone is limited to appearing on one time slot at the end of the first day. 

On the second day of sign ups, when there are two or less days of play, Gregg Park members can make one additional court reservation, and individuals can appear on one additional time slot. Reservations on both days must include the first initial and full last name of at least four players.

On the third day and thereafter, Gregg Park members can reserve any courts that are still available, and there are no restrictions on the number of times individual players can play.  Courts that are still available on the third day may be reserved by just two players.  





Court 5  was discussed in detail at the Leadership Team meeting held on Monday, January 4th, via Zoom - a video conferencing software application.  Currently Court 5 is only open for the first session of the day from 0845-11am.  It was agreed by all to keep Court 5 open during this time slot with the following restrictions.

  1. Players on court 5 must stop playing  no later than 11am.

  2. Players must then take down and put away the net.  

  3. Players should completely vacate the court and exit the gym no later than 1115am unless invited to play on another court.

  4. During play, the break area for Court 5 will be in the back corner by the glass doors near Court 4.  

  5. All players need to practice social distancing and respect the concerns of others during the pandemic.