Aiken Pickleball News

If you need help with anything, send an email to and someone will get back with you. 

We can help you with making and editing court reservations or adding your name to the "Looking for games" list, among other things.   What we cannot tell you is the access code.  That is for our use only.  After 8 pm Wednesday evening, the Sign-up Genius is locked down, requiring an access cod,e while the new time slots for the following week are being added.  The signupgenius is then unlocked after 8 am Thursday morning and an access code is no longer required.  But if you need help with anything else send an email to and one of us will get back to you.  



With the increase in outdoor play it is not surprising that the Lost and Found at the front desk at Odell is overflowing with items left on the outdoor courts.  There are some really nice jackets and a VP pickleball paddle just waiting for someone to claim them.  I'd get there before this Friday as that's when the Xmas craft show starts and parking will be difficult.



Savannah Lakes Village in McCormick, SC has invited Aiken Pickleball to send a group of 4 men and 4 women to their outdoor pickleball resort facility for some friendly competition on Saturday, December 16th.  Play will start around 12pm and be a combination of women's, men's and mixed doubles at the 3.0 -  3.5 level.   We have created a sign up that will open at 8am on Saturday morning December 2nd..   First four men and first four women that sign up are in.  The POC at Savannah Lakes for this event is Joe Locke  - .



In November

Both Odell and Gregg Park Closed for Thanksgiving Nov 23-24.  XMAS Craft Show at Odell Weeks. No indoor pickleball November 25 thru December 10th.  Outdoor courts at Virginia Acres Park will be open.   To check to see if anyone is planning to play outside at Virginia Acres Park, download the Team Reach app and join two  groups - OUTSIDE7 for general info and Openplay10 for night play. 

In December

Wednesday Evening Drills with LBJ at Gregg Park.  Last drill December 6th.     Click here to sign up. 

Funday Monday at Odell Weeks,  0845-11am, December 11 and 18. -   Click here for more information.  No sign up required.

Player Rating Session, Need at least three players to sign up.  Click here to sign up.

Over the Horizon
Round Robin at Gregg Park, Saturday, March 9th.  Save the date.
10th Annual Palmetto Doubles Invitational Tournament - August 1-4, 2024 - SAVE THE DATE!




The photo below is how someone left the closet at Odell Weeks today.  Notice that the dividers are blocking the entrance to the upstairs door despite the sign that says DO NOT block door.  This is a no, no.  There is a photo on the front door of the closet that shows how the nets and dividers should be stored.  Please follow this guide.



The minutes for the Leadership Team Meeting held on November 13th have been posted. Items discussed were  the USCA Pacer Life Program and Special Olympics, the Round Robin to be held at Gregg Park on Saturday March 9th, Open Scrambles at Odell Weeks and Gregg Park with donations for Toys for Tots and Golden Harvest, new paddle queue for open play starting in January,  monthly activities such as Drills with LBJ and New Players Clinic, feedback from player reps and much more.  Go to Forums or Click here to read the full report.  



Thanks to all of you that participated in the Open Scramble for Toys for Tots and Golden Harvest this Thursday morning at Gregg Park.  Great success.  Over twenty toys were donated and we filled the other box with cans of food for Golden Harvest.  Hopefully you all enjoyed the scramble. 

        You guys/gals are the greatest!



Thanks to all of you that participated in the Open Scramble for Toys for Tots and Golden Harvest this morning at Odell Weeks.  Great success.  Over thirty toys were donated and we filled two boxes with can goods for Golden Harvest.  

The Players that made it happen.  Thank you!




We just been advised that the renovations at Smith-Hazel are now scheduled to start in December.   In November we have three courts 9am-12pm, Mondays and Wednesdays.


We have had recent incidents at both Gregg Park and Odell Weeks with pickleball players being rude to the people manning the front desks.  Please be aware that the staff working at the front desks have no  authority over pickleball or the courts. Being rude to these people is just unacceptable behavior.

If you have a problem bring it to the attention of your player reps.  That's what they are for.   There is list of all the player reps on the website under Contact Us. The list includes their names, photos, email addresses and the players they represent by ratings.

The player reps and the leadership team meet once a month.  The first item on our agenda is feedback from the player reps.  The leadership team is in constant contact with both the Odell Weeks and Gregg Park management teams.  Our job is to resolve any issues brought to our attention.

We all get frustrated, but please don't take it out on the personal at the front desks.  They are our friends.   If you need to yell at someone, yell at us.  Thank you.