Palmetto Doubles Invitational Tournament

September 7 to 9, 2018

Odell Weeks Recreation Center

To all Aiken pickleball players,

The Aiken tournament has been a huge success in recent years primarily because of the support of the Aiken pickleball community. This support comes from both registering to play and from volunteering to help make the tournament a fun event for all involved. So please consider both playing and volunteering.

1. Players

Please don't put off registering.  An event of this size is a rare local opportunity. It draws people from all over the southeast.  Many think, before their first competition, "I'm not good enough for tournament play."  But no will register at your level (3.0, 3.5, 4.0 etc) so that you compete with players of similar skill level!  Even if you don't have a partner, you can still register.  You will automatically be added to a "Needs Partner" list and you can add the details of your partner later. The tournament gives you a chance to play against new people and your registration includes a tournament shirt, lunch for each day you play, and other giveaway items.

To register for the tournament go to

If you have questions or need more information or if you are having any issues with the software you can contact:

Lisa Miner - Tournament Director -

Mo Garcia - Advisory Panel -

2. Volunteers - Referees

There are a number of different ways in which you can assist with the tournament. All medal matches in our tournament are assigned a referee and referees are always available to resolve questions in other matches. Our head referees are Dave Bailey and Loretta Beckner. Mo Garcia will be our Rules Official. They need volunteers to be referees. Some of you have experience as referees and we would love you to step forward again. If you do not have experience but would like to try it, our team will be happy to train you so that you can feel confident by tournament time. Players may also sign up to be referees and we will ensure that you do not have any playing/refereeing conflicts.

If you are interested in refereeing or would like more information, contact Lisa Miner

3. Volunteers - Court Monitors

We have 9 courts in use during the tournament and each court is assigned a monitor. That person directs the players to the court and helps get the game organized. The court monitors do not have to call lines, keep score or make any game decisions. We run two sessions per day, morning and afternoon. Exact times will depend on the number of players registered each day. To facilitate this process, we have set up registration for court monitors on Sign Up Genius. If you would like to volunteer to be a court monitor, please follow this link:

Select a day and time (morning or afternoon) and enter the required information when prompted. If you are flexible and could do either morning or afternoon, please select a day and sign up in the “Flexible” slot. Similarly if the time you would prefer is full, please sign in the “Flexible” slot. As we get closer to the event, some people may find they cannot fulfill their original commitment and we will need substitutes. You will be contacted to confirm and for training, etc. 

Remember the events are organized as follows:

Friday September 7, Men’s Doubles 3.0 60+, 3.0 70+, 3.5 60+, 3.5 70+

Friday September 7, Women's Doubles 3.0, 60+, 3.0 ,70+ 

Saturday September 8, Mixed Doubles

Sunday September 9, Men’s Doubles 3.0 19+, 3.0 50+, 3.5 19+, 3.5 50+, 4.0 to 5.0 all ages

Sunday September 9, Women’s Doubles 3.0 19+, 3.0 50+, 3.5 to 5.0 all ages

Don’t forget, all volunteers get a free Volunteer Shirt and lunch on the day of duty.

Thank you for signing up,

Lisa Miner

Tournament Director

Welcome to our site!

Welcome to the website for the Aiken Pickledillys!  Our intent is to promote the game of pickleball and to provide competitive and social pickleball activities. Our goal is to encourage sportsmanship and camaraderie through fun and exercise by playing the exciting and addictive sport of pickleball.

The game is easy to learn and really fun to play. It can be played on a variety of levels from casual to very competitive.  Pickleball offers players of all ages a good physical workout and the opportunity to meet a diverse group of people who share the passion that surrounds this exciting sport.

We play at the Odell Weeks Activities Center on six indoor courts.  Go to the "Calendar" tab on the main menu for our current playing schedule.  In addition, we have 4 purpose built pickleball courts and 4 dual purpose pickleball/tennis courts located behind Odell Weeks.  These 8 public lighted courts are available year round.

Odell Weeks is located at 1700 Whiskey Rd in Aiken.  The phone # is 803-642-7631. 

Come join us!



General guidelines 

In order to provide the best possible playing experience for everyone, the Pickledillys operate under a set of guidelines. Currently we have three types of play spread throughout the available times each day.  These include drop-in play with all levels mixing together, drop-in play with courts designated by skill level, and court reservation play.  When courts are designated by skill level, we have different schematics (weekday mornings, weekday evenings, and weekends) based on the court usage for different skill levels during those times.  These designations are periodically reviewed and adjusted.    

All players who participate in drop-in play by skill levels need to be rated by the committee.  Visitors may play for a brief period at the level the player representatives feel is appropriate.  Players who are visiting for a longer term and who have a rating at another location should check with the player representatives at that level to determine if that rating is acceptable for our local system.


Guidelines for reserving courts via Sign-up Genius

1) You must have at least four people committed to playing on the court BEFORE you make the reservation.  At least four names MUST be included on the sign-up  

2) Reservations must be made by midnight the day before playing time.  After midnight, any unreserved courts will revert to free play for that day.  This is to allow other players to view the court situation before making a decision on whether to go over for free play on that day.   

3) Please be considerate of your fellow players and choose to attend either drop-in play or court reservation time, but not both on the same day. It is not allowed for a player to be incuded on two court reservation slots on the same day.


Lessons and Clinics


Mo Garcia is available for private and semi private lessons.  Please go to the "contact us" page on the main menu to contact Mo.

$40.00 per person - 1 hour private lesson (1-2 players)

$20.00 per person – 1 hour semi-private lesson (3-4 players)

Please contact the instructors directly for available times. 

 Payment must be made prior to class at the front desk

  • Please furnish the instructor with a receipt.


Please see the calendar for dates and times.  Clinics are usually given every Wednesday from 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM.

$15.00 per person – 1 ½ hour – Maximum 8 players

Payment must be received at the front desk to reserve a spot

Please furnish the instructor with a receipt



How to pay for Pickleball

(Effective July 1, 2018)

City Resident

Residents of the City of Aiken can pay for Pickleball in one of two ways.

Daily Pass: $2 per visit

Annual Pass: $75 per year, expires one year after purchase.

Non-city Resident

People who live outside of the Aiken city limits can pay for Pickleball in the following ways:

Daily Pass: $3

With the purchase of an annual recreation membership:

Daily pass with membership: $2

Annual Pass with membership: $75 per year (expires one year after purchase).

*A recreation membership is secured at a cost of $75 annually per individual or $125 annual per family for non-city residents.