Minutes for June Leadership Team Meeting

Leadership Team Meeting, June 3rd

Members present were:  Chuck Buchanan, Cindy Ogden, Jeremy Crow, Brian Eberhard, Sally Serago, Marian Garcia, Linda Blake, Heidi Abele, Cheryl Breidenbach, Lori King, jay Wilson, Jean Villa, Faith Loeb, George Carr, Jody Madden, Mo Garcia and Harve Mobley.   Summer camps were occurring so a conference room and gym were not available.  The meeting was held in the lobby.

George Carr called the meeting to order at 5:25pm.

1.  Feedback from player representatives

Sally brought up that players outside are complaining about it being so sunny.  She is wondering if something can be installed blocking the sun’s rays.  Mo stated that soft cover fabric would be a possibility.  He has some awning to use for bleacher coverage.  He needs to check with the city to see if he can anchor the apparatus.  Mo states that covering the playing courts will not be possible.  We do not have luxury of space to do this. 

Cindy stated that her players think play time of 1.5 hours is sufficient.  Many representatives stated that 2 hour time slots are better.  2 hour time frames will remain.

Lori asked if there is structured play outside.   George and Faith said there was not and the city would not permit this. 

2.  Summer Court Time-  George stated that the only time we have for evenings are Fridays.  Afternoon and morning play times will be drastically reduced too.

3.  Groovy Tuesday update and Fabulous Friday-

Tuesdays are not open in June.  It is thought of having a Fabulous Friday on  June 28 for Doubles.  George stated that perhaps stacking strategy could be explained.  Pizza and drinks will not be provided.   Mo/Harve will determine stations.  All levels will be welcome.  The advertisement will be aimed for players participating in the Palmetto Tournament and those volunteers.  Start time of the clinic will be 6pm and last for 1 hour.  Gym will be reserved from 4-8:30, allowing 2 hours prior to the clinic and then 1.5 hours afterwards.   

Mo brought up that Barb Dellamora has completed a run in all 50 states.  He suggested AP should pay tribute to her achievement at the Fabulous Friday event. George stated that a news article will be posted on our website.  Mo has contacted the person that will be writing articles for the Aiken Standard.  He will ensure that the writer will show up at Fabulous Friday, June 28. 

4.  Ongoing/Upcoming-   

A.  Drlls with Harve and Little Mo -  Harve holds these drills once per month.  He is being encouraged to increase the number of times he instructs, which he is in agreement with.   The demand is great.  Medium and advanced sessions are selling out rapidly. 

B.  New Player Clinic - Nine people participated both at OW and GP.  Young ones are participating, which is a plus.  The age group is 12-90

C.  New Player Practice-Linda - 5 people participated.  Went well. 

D.  Rating Session-Mo -  4 people participated.  The next session is scheduled for  June 29th .  Just one person is currently scheduled for this but more are expected. 

5.  Palmetto Update-Jay  We need volunteers and players.  Please sign up.  Volunteers will be trained.  New volunteers will be assigned with people who have done the job before. Faith has given flyers to various agencies. 

6.  Benches update-Mo - We ordered 4.  Shipping should happen any day now.

7.  October Junior Tournament- George will produce flyers to place on outdoor courts and on our Facebook page.  Ages are 10-18.  Flyers will be placed in the schools when they reopen.  October 12 is the date of the tournament. 

8.  Ambassador Update-Mo and Chuck - Chuck read the Pacer Life Student email that Kathy Reiter sent him.  One Pacer Life student participates every Thursday during the clinics given by Mo for the youth.  Mo would like to see better participation from the students.  USCAiken courts will be repainted.   Chuck is working on grants for pickleball supplies. 

Mo stated that USAP rates will increase.  But we don’t know when.  This should encourage people to sign up for the Palmetto sooner rather than later. 

Pickleheads is a new website stating the places to play pickleball.  This takes the place of Places 2 Play. 

9.  Next meeting - Next Meeting will be here at OW in the lobby.  All concurred that it was fine holding the meeting there.  It will be  July 1.

10.  Closing comments

Sally wanted to know how sponsorships are going.  Jody stated so far we have seven with more possible. That does not include what ASLS has been able to obtain.  Jody  has extra sponsorship packets if anyone has a possible contact.  Jay stated that local gift cards, restaurants, etc. for the silent auction can and should be collected. 

Meeting was adjourned at 6:15.